Order a house manager’s certificate

A house manager’s certificate can be ordered by a shareholder or his/her representative. The certificate will be delivered through mail in about 3 to 5 weekdays. If the customer decides to pick up the certificate, they will be informed when the certificate is ready via email, text message or by phone.

The certificate will be payed for while ordering (To those who order in the name of a company, there will be an option to pay with a bill. Retail customers have all the typical credit card and online bank service payment options)

Price List:

  • A house manager’s certificate without attachments 110.00 €
  • A house manager’s certificate for sale purposes. Includes attachments: income statement and balance sheet, budget, annual report, energy certificate, statement of requirement for maintenance, auditor’s report, articles of association 150.00 €
  • A house manager’s certificate’s appendices. Includes appendices: income statement and balance sheet, budget, annual report, energy certificate, maintenance report, auditor’s report and articles of association 40 €
  • A house manager’s certificate for renting. Includes attachments: energy certificate and LTP 115.00 €
  • Extract from a register of occupants 15.00 €
  • Copy of a share register 50.00 €
  • Articles of association 15.00 €

Additional services

Additional fee of an express delivery (1-2 weekdays, urgent reservation) 85.00 €

When sent by post or email, a service charge will be added 7,00 €

All the prices mentioned include value-added tax 24%

Order a house manager’s certicate here

Copies of the floor or other drawing of the apartment should be inquired primarily from the building inspectorate of your municipality / city, or Lupapiste store

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