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How to use Braleva’s resident pages

Here you will find instructions for using our resident customers’ resident pages. Webinar recordings are in Finnish. 

Katso webinaaritallenne asukassivujen käytöstä (20.1.2022)

Katso webinaaritallenne asukassivujen käytöstä (17.3.2021)

Step 1 – go to the resident website at The person logging in to the resident pages must have an e-mail and a name registered in Tampuuri.

Step 2 – Register for the site

On the login page of the resident pages, select Register as a user and on the page that opens, select Authenticate. Enter the e-mail address in Tampuuri and press Log in Authentication is done with strong authentication with either a Mobile Certificate or online banking ID. After authentication, you will be able to enter your email and password on the resident pages.

If the registration is not successful, please contact Braleva’s customer service or tel. 09 801 3044 (weekdays from 9 am to 3 pm). The real estate secretary of your housing association will also assist you with registration issues if necessary.

Step 3 – Email Confirmation

A confirmation request will be sent to the email provided and will be confirmed. After this, you enter your own password for the service, and then the user is directed to log in to the resident pages.

Step 4 – First Login

If the user has more than one party connection to the housing association, he will be able to select the housing association after logging in. If there is one connection, the home page of your own housing association opens directly. Depending on their role, the user sees the view of the resident pages (resident / shareholder / board member).

Braleva’s resident website

Download the instructions for registration on the resident pages here (Finnish)