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Door opening

You can order a door opening service to the buildings that are under our maintenance:

Call our our customer service number 09 801 3044

Door Opening Charges Starting 1st of January 2020

  • During weekdays from 7am to 4pm 40 €
  • from 4pm to 7am 90 €
  • During holidays and weekends 120 € (Friday from 9pmto Monday 7am)

Be prepared to verify your identity, because the door can only be opened to a person marked as a resident in the Population Information System. Please keep in mind, that if the door opening is not cancelled in time and the maintenance person will arrive to the destination, we will charge you according to the price list.

Door opening service is payed with a charge card

If your apartment has a safety lock, remember to deliver its key to the customer service, for potential door opening calls. Otherwise, during a possible fire, water damage, seizure or other emergency the door must be forced open.

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